Lets work together!


 exist to empower musicians to take charge of their careers and create their own opportunities by setting and achieving effective goals,
ultimately leading to new opportunities and the foundations of a fulfilling career. 

Our mission is to facilitate a framework for musicians to set and achieve effective career-related goals through online learning and a strong community.
Our collaboration provides the accountability and knowledge necessary to help achieve personal and career growth. Participants learn from and encourage each other, discuss diverse topics and contribute to solving their individual 
and shared challenges.




Here are some special services I provide, and if you would like to work with me, send me a message at tinawangmusic@gmail.com 
I am available to  lecture and/or teach in your school, present workshops, masterclasses or in a one-on-one capacity and much more. 

Music Business & Entrepreneur

  • Mentoring/Consulting/Coaching

  • Networking

  • Website Development

  • build your private music studio

Career Development & Mentorship

  • Resume development

  • Job Applications

  • Career Guidance

  • Biography 

Music Instructor

  • Masterclasses / Clinics

  • Recitals

  • Private Saxophone lessons

  • Saxophone camps

  • Lectures


  • Design a website to kick start your online presence

  • Create your brand and establish your identity

  • Discover your dreams and long term goals

  • Implement strategies for increasing your reach and influence

  • Establish policies for for effective studio management that protect you and your business

  • Conquer fears and overcome obstacles that keep you back

View my previous works: 

Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble website: www.pacificsymphonicwindensemble.com