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"Everyone is capable of becoming great. Here at Phoenix Music, we Teach students to Play Music to their fullest potential. Become the best version of yourself!" - Tina Wang

Tina is passionate about music and loves working with students of all ages. She is able to teach students how to understand music at a deep level and sharing their experience with others. She believes in well roundedness and setting strong fundamental instrument technique, musicianship, and music theory. Her goal is to instill in students a lasting appreciation and joy for understanding the art of music. Tina believes that learning how to practice smart is the paramount to success and happiness in musical pursuits. 


Tina enjoys developing and sharing her love of music to provide good music education and preparing them to be well-rounded. She forms close bonds with her students as she works with them in all aspects ranging from performance etiquette, musicianship, as well as accompanying them on the piano for their performances, exams and festivals. Tina works with students of all ages and levels from all over Greater Vancouver.

Her students have achieved high placements and recognition in local music competitions and festivals as well as successful auditions and placements achieved placements in BCMEA honour band, Musicfest’s Denis Wick Canadian Wind Orchestra, the National Youth band of Canada, Vancouver Academy of Music Orchestra, Richmond Delta Youth Wind Ensemble, Richmond Elementary & Youth Concert Band, Tanglewood Music Institute, Interlochen World Youth Wind Ensemble, other various prestigious saxophone summer camps, as well as students furthering music studies in various universities across North America with prestigious saxophone programs. 

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